Morning Coffee in Dubrovnik Old City

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Morning Coffee in Dubrovnik Old City

If you’re enough of coffee prepared in your hotel (or by your own), then I suggest you enjoy your morning cup of coffee excatly on the Stradun (Dubrovnik Old City main street). Other places that got “in” just few years ago are caffe bars “Revelin club” (located in fort of «Revelin», just before you exit Old City on the East) and caffe bars calledUpper Buza and Lower Buza (Gornja i Donja Buza, located on the rocks in «Karmen» south-eastern part of the Old City, visitors say it’s wort walking there:) )

What to eat in Dubrovnik Old City?

Try prosciutto with olives and goatish cheese for appetizer.

For main dish I suggest you taste Dalmatian sea food,black rissotos, oysters and mussels which are grown inMalostonski bay (60km far from Dubrovnik), octopus salad, or simple and tasty grilled sardines with olive oil and garlic. Traditional fish meal is “Dalmatinski brodet” (italian brodetto), made from mixed fresh fish that give delicious sause.

Grilled fish, Author Nikola Bilicic

If you prefer meat then you should try roasted lamb(pecena janjetina) from traditional broiler, in Dubrovnik region another popular meat meal is “Green Menestra” – mixture of fresh green and yellow cabbages with mixed meat (prosciutto, lamb and sausages). Traditional “Cevapcici” which you will be offered everywhere are brought from neihgbouring Bosnia.

Roasted lamb “party”, Author Hrvoje Zecevic

Famous white vines from neighbouring Island of Korculaare “Posip” and “Marastina”. In Konavle area best white is “Dubrovacka Malvasija”. Well known reds are Dingacand Postup from peninsula of Peljesac based on “Plavac mali” grapes.

 Where to eat in Dubrovnik?

Top class restaurants are “Nautika” (on Pile), “Proto” (in “Siroka Ulica” – wide street inside Old City) and “Gradska kavana” (in Dubrovnik Old Harbour, may be accessed from Dubrovnik theatre and “Sloboda” cinema too).

But “in” fish restaurant is “Lokanda” (located in the Old City harbour), and it’s not easy to catch a table there. Another good cost/value fish restaurant is “Kamenice”, located on Gunduliceva Poljana (Gundulic Square).

On Prijeko street I suggest you restaurant “Rozarij” (located at the eastern end of the street).

Best pizzas inside the Old City you may taste in “Mea Culpa” located in Domino street and in pizzeria “Tabasco”, minute walk from the Old Town, beside “Buza” public garage.

Low budget (but tasty food) self service restaurant is located in 2nd street on your left walking by Stradun (main street) from the East.


Basic Information about Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik basic informations
Getting here

Dubrovnik basic informations

Safety, rich local cuisine, historical sights, preserved nature, crystal clean sea, Mediavel Festival, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and other happenings will convince you to visit Dubrovnik again.


Dubrovnik is positioned in the south most part of Croatia – southern Dalmatia, on Adriatic coast. It is purified with crystal Adriatic Sea and surrounded with Mediterranean nature that allows crickets song to be heard.


Population is just about 50 000 people (whole Croatia has 4,4 millions). Majority people are Catholics, minorities are Orthodox Serbs and Bosnian Muslims.


Mediterranean climate gives us hot and dry summers and calm winters. South wind “Jugo” brings bad rainy weather and “Bura” brings cold air from the north. In Summer light wind “Maestral” protects us from too high temperatures.

Average annual air temperature is 17 C, in August it’s 25 C. Summer sea temperature is about 22 C.

Short review of Dubrovnik history:

Founded in 7th century by Roman refugees fleeing Epidaurum (Cavtat). Dubrovnik was independent city and later republic from 7th till beggining of 19th century (abolished by Napoleon in 1804), with economy based on trade and navigation and had big trading fleet connecting East and West Europe. Despite Dubrovnik City Walls were one of the strongest fort systems in Mediterranean, because of Dubrovnik wise diplomacy almost noone tried to attack Dubrovnik in it’s long history.

As Dubrovnik was oriented towards sea, it’s harbour was vital part of town. In 8th century shipyards and arsenal were strong enough to provide secure and efficient trade routes on eastern Adriatic.

In 1991/92 Dubrovnik was badly damaged by Serb-Montenegrian army who wanted Croatia stay in Yugoslavia, which was transforming into “Great Serbia” led by Milosevic and other nationalists. The hardest attack happened on 6th December in 1991, Serbs and Montenegrians shelved Dubrovnik and even historical Old City and monuments with more then 1000 bombshells (mostly by mortar grenades, but with Russian origin anti-tank missiles and howitzer bombshells too).

That horrible attack happened after Serbs and Montenegrians were defeated by Dubrovnik and other Croatian defenders in close combat on mountain Srdjabove Dubrovnik.

Badly damaged Amerling’s Fountain on Gundulic Square in Serb-Montenegrian shelling in 1992, Author: Stjepan Zecevic

After Croatian international recognition in 1992 damaged buildings and old red roofs were carefully repaired and rebuilt so now you may hardly notice and casualties since 1991/92 (if you look carefully you may notice shrapnel wounds on some stone facades).

Light armoured vehicle defending Dubrovnik sky, in Park of Gradac in 1993, Author: Stjepan Zecevic

Getting here:

Regular plane connections Dubrovnik has with Croatian capital Zagreb (by Croatia Airlines and Dubrovnik Airline), with London, Bratislava, Budapest, Rome and Berlin. Low cost aircarriers SkyEurope and German wings fly here.

By ferry Dubrovnik is connected with Bari in Italy and with Rijeka (harbour city in western part of Croatian Adriatic, close to Italy).

If you enter Croatia by car, from Hungary, northern or southern Slovenia, highway will lead you 20km north from city of Split on croatian coast. When you take off the highway A1 you will not reach Split but continue towards Bisko and Sestanovac, where you get on Adriatic tourist road which will lead you to Dubrovnik.

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large Photo Booths

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